Want To Become A Member of Twinkle's Elite Rescue Ninja Society? Sign Up For Our Monthly Donation Subscription!


Become a Monthly Donor to Join Twinkle's Elite Rescue Ninja Society

As all of our followers and supporters know, Twinkle is not just one of our rescue dogs. She is a highly skilled and highly trained lethal Black Dog Ninja. She is a rescue dog, so we are not quite sure where she acquired these ninja skills. And, quite frankly, we have always been too afraid to ask. Like Willy Wonka opening the chocolate factory to 5 lucky golden ticket holders, Twinkle has decided to open her secret Rescue Ninja Society to a select group of P&P rescue supporters. Join Twinkle's elite group of rescue supporters and volunteers by signing up for our monthly recurring donation subscription.

You can start for as little as $5 which, believe it or not, will feed a rescue dog for a whole week. Thank you, and as Twinkle herself would say... Haaaaaaayyyaaaa!!

Use the button up top to set up your recurring payment by credit card, debit card or your PayPal account!

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